Dedicated Teachers

At WWW Writing College, we have highly qualified NSW Primary and Secondary school teachers, ensuring that each lesson is conducted with each student’s progress in mind, building towards high achievements and top bands.


Small Classes

We offer lessons in the form of small classes with a maximum of five students to one teacher, encompassing each student’s learning needs with more interactions and involvement.


Premium Programs

Our programs and materials are written by highly qualified school teachers. Multiple English skills have been incorporated into each lesson plan, helping students to prepare for their OC test, selective test or scholarship test.

Our story to students’ success

WWW Writing College has helped thousands of students from Pre Kindy till Year 12 in preparation for important exams such as NAPLAN, OC test, and HSC. These may be Sydney Grammar Entry Test, Gifted & Talented Class, OC Schools, and also Selective High or Scholarships. We have some of the most dedicated English teachers from private or public schools with many years of experience.


  • Informative, persuasive, and imaginative.

  • Think and respond creatively, imaginatively and perceptively.

  • Inspire students by quality teaching.

  • Develop advanced skills in reasoning, inference & comprehension.

  • Help students to develop their writing techniques and strategies for creative writing.

Why come to us?

We are running small classes which provide more interations between teachers and students.

We also have individualised programs in place to meet each student’s learning needs and abilities. English literacy is taught step by step through a variety of writing techniques & strategies.

Who are we?

At WWW Writing College, we have a team of dedicated teachers who specialise in English. They are comprised of NAPLAN, OC & HSC markers. They will help your child to achieve maximum results, we guarantee it! Whether you want your child to pass the Sydney Grammar Entry Test, Gifted & Talented Class, OC Schools, Selective High and/or Scholarships or just to improve their writing, then Writing College is for your child.

What is taught in class?

Students will learn advanced vocabulary and develop critical literacy. They will also learn figurative language, and develop a love of reading and gradually learn the joy of writing.

What makes us different from other schools?

  • Techniques – We provide our students with step by step instructions on how to improve their writing skills and techniques.

  • Tools – Through mentoring, we give our students the tools to master writing techniques. These tools are vital for success and are applicable from early primary levels through to HSC level.

  • Technology – We incorporate interactive smart boards in our classrooms to stimulate our students’ thinking higher order thinking and to ensure our students are given the advantage of engaging in an exceptional learning experience… bringing their writing to life!

  • Teachers – At WWW Writing College, we ONLY recruit highly qualified NSW Primary and Secondary teachers, some of whom are NAPLAN, OC and HSC markers. Each student learns differently, but our teachers know the methods to ensure our students achieve remarkably high results and top bands!

Program Structure

# 1
Before the session

Review vocabulary from the previous session and conduct a spelling test.

# 2
Before submitting their writing tasks

Students and teacher interact regarding reading comprehension skills and strategies, and finish activities within a time frame. There is a 15 minutes break, and then move on to the writing section. Teacher will explicitly teach students writing skills and techniques about a specific text type. In the last 30 minutes (for primary students) or 40 minutes (for secondary students), students are supposed to finish a writing task based on what that have learnt during the session.

# 3
Before submitting their writing tasks:

Build their understanding, plan adequately, while stimulating their imagination. Reviewing, editing, proof-reading and most importantly, self-correcting, are strongly recommended. Students are supposed to hand in their writing tasks via Google Classroom as assignments at the end of each session in a timely manner.

# 4
After they submit their work:

Our dedicated and professional teachers will provide detailed comments and feedback based on students’ writing tasks, and then return marked writing tasks to students for rewriting. And then students are to do their rewrites based on the comments and feedback from their teacher on a weekly basis.

Something else you might want to know

  • Each student’s writing will be marked carefully by adhering to strict guidelines in accordance with the NSW assessment criteria and Australian National Curriculum Assessment Scheme.
  • Come and visit our WWW Writing College and view some samples of marked work. You will be impressed by the vigorous details and feedback provided by our teachers.
  • We keep detailed records of all the work that each and every student has produced in order to track their progress in a timely manner. You will see a vast improvement. We guarantee it!

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“Quality Teaching and Inspired Learning!”

“Quality Teaching and Inspired Learning!”