Enrolment / Re-enrolment

Classes are conducted on a Public School Term basis.

Re-enrolment for the same spot for the next term must be completed before the 2nd last week of the current term. Confirmation of enrolment will only be accepted by FULL Payment.

Positions which have not been secured in the 2nd last week of current term will be open on a first come first serve basis to students who would like to change their spots or to students of new enrolments.

If you are in any situation of which you cannot make your payment on the 2nd last week of the current term, please speak to our friendly staff in the office.

Personal Detail Changes

If there are any changes to your personal details, please let us know immediately.

Makeup Lessons

Makeup lessons are only available when term fees are current.

Only TWO make–up lessons per term are permitted and must be taken within the current term.

A make-up lesson will be given on another day and time for the students who have missed their scheduled booking and have given appropriate notification.

These bookings are subject to availability and will be scheduled as other bookings permit. Make-up lessons are not guaranteed and there is NO refund for classes not attended therefore it is advisable to attend all lessons to avoid disappointment.

Tuition Fee

There is a $40 charge for material fee per 10 sessions. Tuition fee is subject to change without prior notice based on the discretion of WWW Writing College.


When you are unable to attend a lesson, you are required to give notification NO later than

  • 6pm of the preceding day for AM classes and by
  • 12pm on the day for PM lessons,

by following this procedure, it allows us to provide makeup lessons for you and other students.

Please be aware that your normal teacher may not be available, makeup lessons cannot be guaranteed and there will be no refunds for makeup lessons which are missed or outstanding.

Cancellation Procedure

At WWW Writing College, we have a NO-REFUND policy, so please be sure to book a suitable date and time.

Late payments

There is a $10 late fee for any outstanding payments still due after week 3 of the term.

Photo Consent

I understand that any photos/ videos taken or given to WWW Writing College may be used for advertising purposes. This may include newsletters, on the notice board or on the school website.

I understand and agree to all the above terms and conditions of WWW Writing College; clearly understand the NO-REFUND Policy and wish to enrol my child into the writing program.